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Brett & Ashley Nobles-- Ohio natives turned Angelinos, insatiable travel junkies, dog lovers and six-figure side hustle gurus. Our life is pretty amazing. When we're not chilling at the beach on a random Tuesday, traveling the world or "working" in our pj's, we're getting paid thousands of dollars by big brands, television networks, celebrities and top influencers to invade our apartment for the day. The only "board meetings" on our schedule are surf lessons (yes, Black people surf) and our office is anywhere that has a Wifi connection.  

Oh, and did we mention that our "work" is helping hundreds of people do the same thing? ​

But life wasn't always this...dare we say...perfect? Three years ago, we had what you would call a major "quarter-life crisis." And yes, Baby Boomers, that is a real thing. *Insert cry face emoji* In May 2014, we realized that if we didn't want to spend the rest of our lives stuck on the 9-5 hamster wheel, our lives would have to drastically change. So, we packed up our struggle Sonata, said goodbye to the complacency that plagued us and headed West, excited to start our new life in Los Angeles.

Liberated, inspired aaand completely broke in a matter of months. Totally miserable (albeit in better weather) and completely stumped on how we were going to make these big dreams a reality. Were we in way over our heads here?  We were still stuck in jobs we hated, living the same dreadful day over and over again, just in a more expensive zip code and a lot more traffic. Our living expenses had more than tripled that of our humble Buckeye beginnings, and our money quickly running out.

Truth was, we weren't living at all; we were still just existing. The more we searched for fulfillment, the emptier we felt. It was painfully clear that “normal” just wasn’t for us. It never had been and it never would be. But what was our way out? We didn't know the first thing about entrepreneurship or how to make real money working for ourselves. All we'd ever been taught was to get an education, secure a "good job" (whatever that means) and basically don't f**k it up so we could retire after 40 years of climbing the corporate ladder, missing out on life, losing ourselves in the process and convincing our coworkers we actually care about their kids' soccer stats.


Seriously, whose idea of happiness was this? 


Our first year in LA was eye-opening to say the least. After a number of dead ends, dozens of stupid mistakes and too many frustrating brainstorming sessions over instant ramen to count, it finally dawned on us that that the keys to financial freedom were sitting right under our noses the whole time. 


And they just so happen to also be the keys to our apartment. 


We had been living in a goldmine, blissfully unaware of the piles of money hidden behind our walls, beneath our floors and dangling from our ceilings. *Pause for visuals and dramatic effect* Ok, so maybe there wasn't actual heaps of cash under our floorboards, but you get the idea. We had stumbled upon something so major, that it turned our lives completely upside down.


In a matter of months, our home became the breadwinner in our little family of 2.2 (we have a cat named Louis and dog named Zoey, both unemployed, non-contributing members of the Nobles household).  


Our apartment was making more money than we did working 12hr+ days in the corporate nightmare we called "careers," and pretty much with its eyes closed. How did we not know about this sooner? Why was no one really talking about this? Thousands of dollars per day? Sounded almost too good to be true.

But it wasn't.


Our first year at it was so successful, that we replaced our six-figure income, quit both of our jobs, added three more locations, including a $2-million-dollar house in the Hollywood hills and two restaurants and now spend more of our time pursuing our passions and living each day on our own terms. Oh, and eating fancy (read: overpriced) $20 ramen from bougie, hipster ramen bars instead of the $0.30 Maruchan instant packs from the grocery store. Leveled. Up.

But our success is not unique-- at least, it doesn't have to be. We have students and clients from all over earning more than we do, which feels better than any check or bank balance ever could. Why? Because it's proof that we are at the forefront of an emerging industry and what we teach actually works. And that's priceless. 


Empowering, inspiring and equipping people with the tools to succeed at something we've mastered is the lifeblood to our business model and the reason why we love what we do. Nothing is more exciting, humbling or fulfilling than positively impacting other people's lives with something we're not only passionate about, but pretty damn good at. 

We want to show you that your space can earn money as a side hustle or full blown business. Instead of just letting it sit there eating up rent and racking up bills, why not give it the green light to start actually earning money for you? You paid for it, right? Why not put that investment to use? You wouldn't be here if you weren't in the least bit curious or in search of something more for your life and  business. We know that feeling all too well. 

And because of that, it is our mission to teach and empower budding entrepreneurs how to build lucrative businesses through creative real estate utilization by way of the emerging share economy.

House, apartment, commercial space, restaurant, farm, barn, warehouse, salon, saloon or the like--chances are it's capable of cutting checks with your name on them. You simply need the strategies to know how to do it. 

We're going to show you just how easy it can be to create your own income generating space(s) and build a life of financial freedom! 

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